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Pro Bono Work and BUPD, Ltd. | Glenn Udell

Working With a New Client At the Daley Center | Glenn Udell Lawyers are not always viewed in a favorable light by the public. In 2013, a Pew survey found that only 18% of the public held attorneys in high regard, with fully 34% suggesting lawyers contribute little to nothing to society. Ouch! As a practicing attorney, and one who is proud of his profession, I can understand the negative, visceral reaction that some might have towards lawyers.  After all, you don’t typically call an attorney when you’re having a great day, unless you’re married to said attorney!  Lawyers,  especially those who litigate, are called in when there’s a dispute. This reality makes it fairly certain that after a case is concluded at least one party to the dispute walks away mumbling, “he’s not getting a birthday card!” The History of Civil Legal Aid Despite this negative perception, there have always been good souls in the legal profession who would offer civil legal assistance to the less fortunat

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